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    Best Chiropractor in Minneapolis

    I am enjoying increased physical stamina, the ability to walk, swim and enjoy the outdoors, improved posture, and no longer need carpal tunnel surgery. Additionally, I have experienced an increased awareness of the joys of life as well as greater mental clarity.

    Rosemary G

    After only a few visits, my pain was greatly reduced and after three months, I could see the difference in my posture. Dr. Rob has the gentlest manipulation technique of any chiropractor I have visited.

    Catherine V

    I had been suffering from neck, low back, and knee pain over the past year and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I was prescribed pain killers and muscle relaxants by my medical doctor, but they only helped temporarily. After only a short time under care, I rarely experience knee pain anymore and my neck and low back pain have resolved and only gets a bit stiff occasionally.

    Carol E

    I came to see Dr. Rob because my back was always painful and I noticed a significant reduction in my ability to turn my head and bend over. Other doctors couldn’t determine why I was in so much pain and why I could not move my back very well. If I had not seen Dr. Rob my chronic pain would have worsened and my underlying medical condition would have gone undiagnosed and unmanaged.

    Michael F

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